From Daniel & Jessica in Bethesda:

Getting adjusted to our first dog (a rescue) was much more manageable thanks to Lisa. Manny is so excited when Lisa arrives and can't wait to work with her. He has become a much better mannered dog as a result of Lisa's training.



From Lodge and Anne in Bethesda:

We adopted Stella as an adolescent dog from the shelter, who had clearly received some training but was a bit rough around the edges. We had never owned a dog, so we did not know how to begin training her. Lisa worked with our entire family to establish some very effective methods for establishing discipline, reinforcing good behavior and correcting bad. Most importantly, she showed us how to establish and maintain control of the dog in a variety of situations. With Lisa's help, we were able to teach an old dog new tricks!


From Amy Dick, Bethesda:

One of the biggest obstacles to training your dog is deciding whom to pick as the trainer! There are so  many dog trainers out there, that I had no clue where to start. Luckily, I found Lisa by looking at her website and decided to give her a try. Lisa isn't just training your dog. She's training you, the owner, to train your dog. And the good news about Lisa is that she shines just as bright when she instructs humans as when she trains canines.

If you are looking for basic obedience training, Lisa has a curriculum ready -- a curriculum that she has tested through years of experience with a variety of dogs. If you have a particularly thorny problem, she'll honestly tell you whether she can help. (Luckily, she has a wide range of experience with a variety of dogs. So in most cases, she has the tools to address problems like yours.) When it comes to the canine side of the equation, Lisa is just as perceptive with dogs as with their owners. She has amazing insight into dogs' personalities and can figure out what motivates your dog in particular.

For both dogs and humans, Lisa's methods are gentle, positive, and motivating. She gives owners training techniques that reward the dog, not punish it. I was astonished at how my dog responded to the training! Maple surprised me by being enthusiastic, not reluctant, to practice her training. She loves to train, because she earns yummy treats, she has the opportunity to please her master, and she finds mental stimulation in learning new skills and behaviors. So, thanks to Lisa, dog training is just as exciting and beneficial for the dog as it is for the owner! Another highlight of training with Lisa is that she sets the owner and dog up for success, not frustration. Her advice incorporates her many time-tested tips and techniques that are gentle but effective.

Lisa makes the learning process simple, logical, and sequential. She proceeds one lesson at a time. She provides a detailed written summary after each lesson, a handy reference for practice. The lessons build one upon the other, growing confidence in both dog and owner as they improve at every step. On top of all this, Lisa is a pleasant companion in the journey to dog and owner improvement. She is soft spoken, positive, intelligent, and able to laugh as well as instruct. She is punctual and scrupulous at keeping her appointments. She responds quickly to emails and is happy to answer additional questions outside of the lesson time. Working with Lisa gave my dog and me the chance to improve and enjoy the best of our two overlapping worlds! I couldn't be more thrilled!


From Mike and Elise Snyder, North Bethesda:

My wife and I were first-time puppy owners. We have an older dog who we had rescued at nine months, but nothing like our little 8-week-old mini Aussie. Lisa worked very patiently with the two of us and trained us so that we could better train not only our little one, but both of our dogs. She worked great with the pups using positive reinforcement methods; explained the processes involved with training to us in a very clear manner and provided us with a tremendous amount of additional information to continue working with our dogs after our sessions. We would highly recommend working with Lisa to make yourself a better owner of a well-behaved dog.


From the Roy family, Bethesda:

As first time owners, we were unable to control our adopted mini schnauzer's high pitched barking. Lisa Marie was able to diagnose the problem and teach the whole family techniques to better take charge of our dog. We were so impressed, after the first consultation, that we signed up for her entire training package. Now, not only did our schnauzer learn the Quiet command, but he responds better to sit, down, stay-in, leave it, come, and walking on leash. Most importantly, he understands barking is optional and is a more relaxed and happier dog.


From Bob and Ellen Cook, Bethesda:

We were so fortunate to have found Lisa Marie Daniel to train our new puppy. We have had many dogs before, but none for 13 years. We wanted to make sure our new little boy had the best. And she is!! Lisa is warm, kind, and firm. She trained him and trained us as well. You could only be pleased if you chose Daniel's Dog Training. Thank you Lisa Marie for making Bubba a GOOD boy.

From Kate in Bethesda:

Lisa Daniel is a gold-standard trainer who crafts her lessons around the needs of the dog and owner. Lessons are carefully orchestrated and nuanced through years of experience. Lisa has an especially deep knowledge of canine behavior and motivations. At each meeting, she demonstrated how to elicit the desired behavior from my dog, and gave me the tools to reinforce it. Written instructions were provided at each lesson and I eventually had an arsenal of solutions to see me through future challenges. Lisa enabled my young Golden Retriever, Nora, to internalize the important cornerstone behaviors for a young pup and it's a pleasure to see her engage in them on a daily basis. Lisa brings a unique combination of substance, flexibility and humor to each lesson and I highly recommend her.


From Bob and Wendy, Bethesda:

Lisa Daniel is a loving and excellent dog trainer. Beagles are notoriously hard to train, but she gave us all the skills we need.  Griffen is a proud "Daniel's Dog"!

My Clients -- meaning both the humans AND the dogs -- are what keep me motivated every day to help make that bond between dog and owner the most satisfying it can be.

I know your dog is family


From Barry and Marika Cutler, Bethesda:

We got Bo from a serious breeder, but he was 10 months old and had no early training. So Lisa had to start from scratch with a very active boy not used to sitting, going to place, or even getting into the car (he grew up with the breeder on a farm with other dogs). By the second visit, he was sitting, staying, going to place and learning to heel with a leash. She had a remarkable rapport that made it look easy for him to respond. We practiced what she taught and we have a wonderful family dog.


From Amy W. in Bethesda:

Lisa Daniel trained Rocky, my 4th Westie. She was absolutely phenomenal in her approach.  Lisa is very thorough and provided written detailed printouts of helpful hints for all of our sessions. She had a keen sense of what was going on with our puppy and literally trained us how to train and get through the worst of puppyhood. We also had a five-year-old Westie and were juggling the puppy with another dog.  Lisa was punctual, professional and made a significant difference.  Today, I have a happy 11-month-old puppy that is a great addition to our family.  I highly recommend Lisa as an obedience trainer who can troubleshoot all problems by training you -the owner.


From Carole & Morris Aizenman in Bethesda:

Lisa provides practical and easy training exercises that are a great foundation for a well-behaved dog.  We practice when we have a few spare minutes.  And our dog, Savanna, enjoys the exercises. Lisa's knowledge and advice have been invaluable.


From Leslie Cunningham, College Park:

I receive compliments on how well-behaved Sunshine is.  I owe it all to Lisa.  I am a first time dog owner and Lisa's training and professionalism is outstanding.


From Lisa Barry in Chevy Chase:

The Daniel's training strategy -- focused around techniques that allow the handler/owner to manage the dog effectively in a loving fashion -- has been critical to our ability to have Lily be a great dog both within our household, on walks throughout the neighborhood and in interacting with other people and dogs. Lily will have and enjoyable and productive life because of this training and we are grateful to Lisa Daniel.


From Bruce and Christine Cheson in Bethesda:

Lisa was an absolutely great dog trainer. We appreciated her positive approach, as did our golden retriever, Abbie, and it was very successful. Lisa provided not only training, but valuable general advice based on many years and lots of dog experience. She was very responsive between sessions for any questions we had. Importantly, after each session she provided handouts so that we could practice the activities. Overall, a delightful person and a wonderful trainer.


From Nick Clemente in Bethesda:

Lisa, I have been meaning to give you an update on Max's progress for a while now . . . he is doing wonderfully. He is walking in the heel position very consistently now and we have even had quite bit of success with distance sits and downs.  He is staying with added distraction as well.  Our latest triumph has been teaching Max to catch a Frisbee. He has learned to "go around" to start the throw and has been catching shorter throws pretty well every day this week. Considering we only really started training the Frisbee a little more than a week ago, I am thrilled.  Max is having a great time and seems to get better every day.  We are moving to Omaha, NE next month for another Army assignment so we will no longer be in the area, but I wanted to thank you again for all of your help.  The tools you gave us as owners have really helped and I was even able to work with my mother-in-law's new rescue dog when she visited last month.  When she got here, she would race out an open door and pulled on her leash like crazy.  Using your techniques, i had her "staying in" and walking on heel in just under a week! She is a super smart dog and simply needed a handler that would communicate with her in a consistent manner.  Anyway, thanks again and best of luck in the future.

Respectfully, Nick Clemente



From Mary C. in Chevy Chase:

Lisa has been invaluable to my family in two ways: she helped us select a rescue dog and then trained the dog and us. My husband, 9-year-old son, and I wanted to get an adult rescue dog but were worried about unknown behavioral baggage, particularly aggression. we wanted to be sure that we got a dog that would be good around active children. Lisa suggested some breed mixes to focus on and then helped us evaluate potential dogs. We reviewed the dog "bios" on websites with her and she suggested followup questions to ask and behaviors to observe during visits. Working with Lisa, we adopted a charming, lively oe-to-two year-old female dacschund/beagle mix named Peanut. Peanut was fully housebroken, but was not used to walking on a leash and had not had much other training. Lisa advised us on transitioning Peanut into our home, and the gave us 6 lessons that covered general handling, household commands, attention, staying, walking, heel training, and so on. She gave us detailed information sheets covering each topic. She also helped uys to understand Peanut and to address particular issues with her, such as her tendency to be dominant, jump, etc. And she helped us to see how we were coming across to Peanut and to adjust our behaviors accordingly. The support and training have been invaluable, and Lisa is a good fit for us -- she has a middle of the road approach to discipline, and she is flexible (up to a point) about things like the warm furry dog on furniture conundrum.


From Marisa and David, Bethesda:

Lisa took our very shy puppy, and helped us work with her personality to train her and help her come out of her shell. Robbie learned many commands, but more importantly, Lisa helped us become better dog owners.


  From Andrea in Bethesda:

A veterinary behaviorist called our young rescue, Zuzu, one of the most fearful dogs she'd ever seen. The vet put ZuZu on Prozac but otherwise did not have an active set of steps we could take to increase ZuZu's confidence. ZuZu began to enjoy my petting some of the time but reacted to most others by withdrawal or by defensive barking. I wanted to increase her trust and decrease any chance she'd turn into a biter. About 4 months after I started ZuZu on Prozac, I contacted Lisa on advisement of a friend. My fear about hiring a trainer was that they would be all about teaching commands without changing ZuZu's emotional responses to people and novelty. On Lisa's first visit, ZuZu was after an hour literally eating out of Lisa's hand, something she had only done with me. Over the nine training sessions, ZuZu began to transfer to strangers the association she'd made between Lisa and fun and treats. I began to take her to play with dogs in the park where much to my delight she often runs up to strangers looking for treats. She is not "cured," but she is so much more mellow that some people don't think she is the same dog. ZuZu is loving life! Having a dog that for months resisted going on walks, wouldn't leave the one room she felt most at ease in and wouldn't get house-trained was lonely and discouraging. Lisa helped turn our lives around. I haven't always practiced everything LIsa taught us, but I have the tools to continue to make progress. We are most grateful.